O APOSTROPHE is a family business located in Ascot, Berkshire.  We always have candles burning in our house ...  no need for an occasion, we just love them!  So much in fact, we have designed an irresistible range of the highest quality natural wax candles and fragrance diffusers, which we are delighted to make available to those who enjoy filling their home and spaces with beautiful aroma too.

Each luxury scented candle is meticulously blended and hand-poured by one of our skilled team in the United Kingdom.  Using pure organic plant wax with essential oils and natural fragrance aromas all our candles are additive free, environmentally friendly and clean burning.

Our signature aqua glass candles hold stunning scents and all our candles give the greatest burning time and maximum scent throw.  We are always thrilled to hear our customers remark how pleased they are that their chosen aroma has lasted right to the end of their candle and that the fragrance perfumes the air even when unlit.

The new clear glass three-wick candles are made in many of our fragrances and last for over eighty-five hours!

Take a browse through our website, which we are currently updating, and look out for our new products and stockists during 2019 ....